Gioielli Sentieri Preziosi | PH. Virginia Palmiero

The jewels for sale in Rome

The first jewelry line Sentieri Preziosi were created in 2008 by the creative talent of young designer Serena Giglio. Jewels are original and unique, small works of art by Italian style and craftsmanship, made by hand, one by one, by Master jewelers Parthenopeans. The jewels Sentieri Preziosi have a style that was also called "Dynamic-Vintage" because mixing elements of classic jewelery to ethnic and oriental elements, in a "dynamic" combination, obtained through the use of open-close hooks and wise cliché.
The jewels Sentieri Preziosi are exhibited in Rome, the cradle of history and culture.
The jewels Sentieri Preziosi, in addition to being available online, can be seen up close and are on sale in Rome, precisely at the Boscolo Hotel, within the Boutique Hotel called "Grazia Chic".
Exedra is the name of the luxurious Boscolo Hotel, a five-star hotel that is located in a very suggestive of central Rome, Piazza della Repubblica 47. It is a magnificent 1900's building in white marble that blends harmoniously with the historic value of the famous square in Rome.

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