Gioielli Sentieri Preziosi | PH. Virginia Palmiero

The Vip celebrities who have jewelry

There are different vip celebrities who have worn jewelry Sentieri Preziosi. The vip celebrities who have honored the brand Sentieri Preziosi are famous both in Italy and abroad belonging to the world of entertainment and fashion.
Sonia Rondini, as the official DJ at the party by Renato Balestra, wore earrings "Chantalle", pretty jewelry made in Venetian lace, micro bees in 925 sterling silver dipped in 18 kt gold and colored quartz. Sonia Rondini chose a piece of jewelry unique and exclusive. Sonia is a Fashion Blogger and Fashion Dj, on several occasions expressed appreciation towards jewelry "Sentieri Preziosi".
Romana Bussani: fashion manager of the store Grazia Chic at the Luxury Hotel Exedra Boscolo Group. Always engaged in fashion from Rome, Milan and the major European capitals, it is undisputed trendsetter and master of style and elegance.
Rosaria Renna: historical voice RDS Radio, TV anchorwoman and radio announcer and godmother of many nationwide demonstrations; she has worn several times and on several occasions the jewels of Sentieri Preziosi, of which appreciates design and original lines.
Sara Baderna: Miss Italy n. 3 at the Competition in 2011 and professional model, she has made a photographic service at Castel Arquato with jewelry Sentieri Preziosi, realized by the photographer Sirio Serughetti.
Bianca Nappi is the famous actress beloved by the turkish director Ferzan Ozpeteck, who starred, among others, in the movies: "A Perfect Day", "Loose Cannons" and the recent film "Magnificent Presence." The actress Bianca Nappi is one of the vip celebrities who wore earrings parure of "Fiorello": beautiful jewels of a micro-mosaic floral subject with drops of imperial jade.

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